Hello, my name is Miguel Sanchez.

Originally from Madrid, Spain, I currently live in Toronto, Canada, where I am a Certified Life Coach specialised in Personal Growth.

My professional background is in Business Management and Marketing and I worked and collaborated in businesses and different projects in Madrid, Paris and Toronto.  

In 2013, I decided to challenge myself and move to Toronto. My purpose was to push myself out of my comfort zone, by heading on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. 

Since moving here, I accomplished a life long goal in gaining my Coaching International Expert Certification (through Instituo Europeo de Coaching, IEC)  and founded my own coaching company Conscientia Coaching, where I offer clients personal coaching sessions either face-to-face in Toronto or online sessions internationally. 

I strive to live a positive, proactive and well-balanced life, and I consider myself a life-long-learner.  I have continued to train, attending courses and seminars to expand my scope and depth of the knowledge in the field of Personal Growth. Some of my recent courses include: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Intensive Seminar of the Millionaire Mind, Zen Healing and Meditation with Consciousness, Silva Method, Mindfulness and Conflict Management, etc.

Overall, I am passionate in creating value in my life and in the one's around me, always through Personal Growth and I believe in the human potential as the engine to change the world into a better one.